Monday, June 11, 2012

By the Ocean 2

Even though I´ve posted a couple of "pictures of my day" lately, here are a few more from yesterday. 

We were mostly barbecuing our food last weekend and on Sunday I remembered that I also bought marshmallows for toasting. Anyone else love toasted marshmallows? I love them. These treats need to be toasted to the level were they are brown & crunchy on the outside and melting soft and hot on the inside. When marshmallows are almost falling off the stick I´d say they are perfect.  

It´s great to be away from the city even for a weekend. Sometimes it feels like a longer time, if time is used smartly. This time "smart" meant just chilling for us. But, as all good things come to an end and after some outdoor activities we packed our bags and headed back to the city, relaxed and ready to start the workweek. 

Enjoy your Monday and have a great start of the week! :) 

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