Wednesday, November 13, 2013


It has been a while. I wanted to come and say hey and to let you know that I´m still here, even thought I took a small break from the blog. How are you? :)

I´m´fine, the weather is getting me down on some days, but what can you do.. It´s true, Paris has gotten so rainy. The temperature has fallen drastically. It was just a month ago when it was still +20c here. I have been told that it´s going to be like this for the next 6 months - raining and humid, making the weather feel colder than it is. 

Nevertheless, I will be enjoying the fact that I won't have to wear super warm winter-clothes, as I would do in Finland. I shall look like a woman throughout the winter, not a snow-man wearing thick sweaters and UGG boots - kind of takes the chic away, don't cha think? I´m looking forward to the winter in Paris. I really am, even thought most Parisians complain about, but I guess it goes with the culture.  

For the past month, I have made an conscious effort towards healthier living. I try to eat healthy, exercise more and now I´m even trying to sleep more. I bought myself a juicer and I have been making fresh juices for breakfast. I joined a gym here, because running in the rain just isn´t fun and I want to do some weight training. Now, I´m thinking about cutting out red meet from my diet or at least not eating it very often. I also want to lose a few kilos, but I´m not dieting as such, I think that will follow naturally with the healthier lifestyle. 

I believe that a balanced diet and continuous exercise will keep out those nasty flues and other cold weather sicknesses. It´s a good plan to welcome winter, right? 

Until next time - take care and enjoy your day <3

leather jacket: Zara, jumpsuit: Katri Niskanen, 
bag: Prada, shoes: Cosmo Paris

photo location: Rue Saint-Honoré, Paris

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Outfit of the night 20/09/13

"Too many girls rush into relationship, 
because of the fear of being single, 
then start making compromises and losing their identity. 
Don’t do that."

-Katy Perry-

Shoes: San Marina // dress: Zara // gloves: Karl Lagerfeld 
// vest: Sensation Folie // clutch: Miu Miu 
// bracelet: H&M

Friday, September 20, 2013

New from Miu Miu

New from Miu Miu. I have been meaning to buy a small black bag with a removable strap that can be used as a clutch, but that also can be used during daytime as well. Originally, I wanted to splurge out and get a small Chanel flap bag, but as it happened, they were all sold out from Paris and I didn't want to wait. My second choice was Prada, but they didn't have anything that I liked (well, thats not true, lets say anything suitable for this purpose). So, after a day of searching, I found a bag from Miu Miu.

Voilà! As I wanted something simple, classic, practical and black with golden details, this one is pretty perfect. I can wear it during the daytime with the long strap and use it as a clutch for evening wear. The strap is a bit too long for my taste and i think I will take it to be shortened. Miu Miu <3! 

Uusi laukku Miu Miulta. Minulla on ollut jo hetken tarkoitus ostaa uusi pieni, musta laukku, jota voin käyttää iltamenoissa clutchina, mutta jossa on pitkä, irrotettava hihna jotta voin käyttää laukkua myös päivisin. Alunperin, suunnittelin Chanelin pientä flap bagiä, mutta suuren pettymyksen jälkeen jouduin toteamaan, että ne ovat loppuunmyytyjä Pariisista. Koska en halunnut odottaa, jatkoin etsintää Pradalla, tuloksetta sillä heille ei ollut haluamaani (paljon kaikkea muuta kylläkin). Lopulta löysin Miu Miulta pikkulaukkuni.

Voilà! Halusin nimenomaan laukun joka on yksinkertainen, klassinen, käytännöllinen ja musta kultaisilla yksityiskohdilla - tässä se nyt olisi, lähes täydellinen. Voin käyttää arkena päivisin ja iltakarkeloihin sitten vain irrotan hihnan ja siitä kuoriytyy kaunis clutch. Tuo hihna on aavistuksen verran turhan pitkä makuuni, joten käyn varmasti lyhennyttämässä sen jossain. Miu Miu <3!